Wind Restoration Services

Living in the Fraser Valley, we know that damage caused by wind, rain, hail, or ice can all be a real possibility. If these weather patterns damage your home, our team of highly trained technicians will work to secure your home to prevent any further damage. Our focus will be to complete repairs as quickly and safely as possible and restore your home to its pre-damaged condition.

Wind Restoration Services

     If wind damages your home, our team of qualified technicians are here to help. We will work to secure your home to prevent further wind damage, setting up temporary shelters, if needed. In extreme weather conditions, we will be onsite as soon as it is deemed safe to do so.


     You can rest assured; our goal is to do a thorough job, not just repair the external damage to your home, but also make sure that the structural integrity of your home is intact before completing any necessary repairs.

Storm Damage, Tree Splits a Roof

Wind Repair

    We are here for you for any damage caused to your home from wind. Our qualified technicians will secure your home and work closely with insurance providers in the restoration process, coordinating with other qualified trades to complete the process.


     If you’d like to use this rebuild opportunity to make major changes to your home or undergo a renovation, we will work closely with you and the city to plan and build what you are envisioning.

Home soffits damaged by wind