Mold Restoration Services

Mold not only can damage your home, but it can also damage your health. As mold can spread easily if touched or disturbed, it is important to call a certified technician right away. At Art’s Restoration Services, our technicians are certified through the Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration to handle the remediation of mold in your home correctly.

Mold Remediation

     If mold is discovered in your home, it is important to seal off all visible mold and keep people and pets away from the area. When our certified mold technicians arrive, we will follow the proper protocol to contain and remove all mold.


     We use organic anti-microbial sprays, hepa-filter vacuums, and the best air-scrubbers and poly containment systems available to ensure the safety of your home, restoring it to its pre-mold condition.

Mold on the window in the house.

Mold Repair Services

     Our team will safely remove all mold present in your home and will take the time to investigate the cause of the mold, in an aim to prevent future mold growth.


     Once the mold has been successfully removed, we will carefully assess the structural safety of your home before starting on the rebuild process. If any wood stud walls or attic spaces were affected, for example, we will take the proper protocols to make sure those areas have been treated or restored before starting to rebuild.

Mold restoration services being performed on a home