Fire Restoration Services

In the case of fire, the list of damage to your home can be long. Piece by piece, our team will restore your home to its original or better condition. We will also tackle toxins or harmful chemicals that were released into the air as a result of the fire, and make sure your home will be completely safe to return to.

Fire Damage Repairs

     Our thorough process of restoring your home after a fire includes clearing the air of any harmful smoke or chemicals, securing your home, cleaning every square inch of soot, and brining your home back to its original or improved state.


     In doing so, we will take care to remove damaged drywall or irreparable items and ensure that there are no moisture concerns that could lead to mold. We will work closely with you to ensure that your most valuable possessions are saved and will work together with insurance adjusters and clothing and drapery cleaning services that specialize in fire damaged clothing, to restore your home to how it was before.

Fire starting in kitchen

Fire Repair Services

     If fire has damaged your home, our goal is to restore your home to its original or better condition. We will take care to assess the structure for any safety concerns and will work with you to develop a plan in how to proceed with your insurance policy.


     If you’d like to make any upgrades to your home during the restoration process, we can help with that too.

House fire repair services